Salem 100

Salem, IN (July 29, 1973)
100 laps on 0.5 mile paved oval; 50 miles


SALEM, IND. (AP) July 29, 1973 - Bruce Gould of Cincinnati grabbed the lead going into the first turn and led the rest of the way Sunday to win the 100-lap Automobile Racing Club of America - NASCAR Grand National East race at Salem Speedway. Gould's victory in his 1971 Ford gave him a sweep of the weekend's three-race ARCA-NASCAR swing through Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio, and Salem, and marked his fifth straight victory. Tiny Lund, a NASCAR veteran from Cross, S.C., trailed Gould by about 150 yards at the finish for second place.

LOUISVILLE, KY (Louisville Courier-Journal) July 29, 1973 It's a long road that brings three-time Grand American champion and 1963 Daytona 500 winner Tiny Lund to the Salem Speedway for today's '. Automobile Racing Club of America NASCAR Grand National East stock car race. The journey began in Charlotte, N.C., May 27. "We blew two engines while running the World 600," Tiny related, "and we ;had a Grand National East race three days later. So I asked Charlie Blanton ; (who won the 1973 ARCA 300 at Daytona 'in a Camaro) if I could run his car. He said okay, so we ran twice up in Pennsyl-', vania that week and won both races." A week later, Lund was scheduled to compete in a U. S. Auto Club event in Indianapolis, so he again called Blanton and was told he could keep the Camaro. "The USAC race got rained out," Lund added, "but we went on up to a race in Ft. Wayne the next day and ran second. Then somebody said theres a race tomorrow night in Mt. Clemens, Mich., so we went. We got the car tore up a little there, but we went on and ran Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday." He had trouble recalling where all the races were held, but he did remember returning to Indianapolis on Sunday i the USAC event. By that time, surely, Blanton must have been wondering the whereabouts of his car. "Nope," Tiny said. "He- plays golf a lot, and we couldn't get hold of him when we tried to telephone. So we kept the car and went on racing." In the next three weeks, he ran nine more Midwest races winning or leading most of them then finally returned to South Carolina, leaving the car off with Blanton in Blacksburg before continuing on to his home in Cross. A few days later, Lund agreed to make this weekend's NASCAR-ARCA three-race swing that ends in Salem. Another call to Blanton. "I asked if I could run the car, and he said okay," Lund said. "But Monday night, Roger Byers he built the car called and said Charlie had just come in off the golf course and said he was going to sell the car. I already had told them I would run these races and my Grand National car wasn't ready, so I just bought Charlie's car." Thus, Lund is again on the road the one leading to Salem. "I don't know, I might be back in a few weeks to run the 500," he mused, though he didn't say whether he meant Salem's ARCA 500 Oct. 7 or the Aug. 11 International 500 at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Louisville. Waltrip on winning streak "It really doesn't matter to me where I race. I run where I think I can make money. That's the important thing." He might have trouble taking today's $825 first prize away from Darrell Waltrip, the Owensboro, Ky., native and Grand National rookie sensation who has a string of six straight Salem victories going for him. But, said Lund, "There's a lot of guys other than Waltrip to worry about." Among them are NASCAR regulars like defending GNE champion Neil Castles, Dave Marcis, Elmo Langley, Vic Parsons, John Sears, Ed Negre, Richard Childress and Eddie Yarboro, plus former Grand National stars Charlie Glotzbach and Earl Balmer. And there are the top ARCA drivers, including '72 champion Ron Hutcherson, Bobby Watson, A. Arnold, Bruce Gould, Dave Dayton, Iggy Katona, Billy demons and Leonard Blanchard. Add to that Fairgrounds regulars like LaMarr Marshall, John Sommerville, Kenny Reiter and Bill Kimmel. "Come to think of it," Lund said, "you've got a helluva field there. What is it, 40 cars entered for 24 starting spots (in the 100-lap feature) You're going to have a lot of unhappy guys going down the road talking to themselves." Actually, Lund was a little off on the entry figure. After a rash of last-minute entries Friday, the count rose to 56 and left promoter Steve Stubbs wondering if he could schedule a consolation race for non-qualifiers for the feature. As stands, the program will include a trophy dash and three 10-lap heat races. Time trials will begin at 1:30 p.m. EDT, with the first race at 3 o'clock

Fin St Driver # Owner Car Laps Money Status Laps Led
 1   Bruce Gould  68 Stricker Auto Parts  1971 Ford  100   875   Running  100 
3  Tiny Lund   93  Toy Bolton  1973 Chevrolet Camaro  100   695   Running 
10  Ron Hutcherson   29  Leon Hutcherson  1971 Ford  100   515   Running 
 4  Dave Dayton   87  Dayton Racing  1972 Chevrolet  99   335     Running 
11  Ken Simpson  61 Cooper - Decker  1972 Chevrolet  98   235    Running
 8  Bobby Watson  8 Watson Racing  1973 Chevrolet Camaro  98   225     Running 
13  A. Arnold  7 A Arnold  1973 Chevrolet Camaro  98   220    Running 
14  Tony Schiller  00 Schiller Racing  1971 Mercury  94   175    Running 
 9  N.D. Copley  62 Nile Riddle  1973 Ford  94   150     Running  
10  21  Wayne Trinkle  96 Wayne Trinke  1973 Chevrolet  93   130     Running  
11  28  Neil Castles  06 Neil Castles  1970 Dodge  90   325     Running  
12  22  Ernie Shaw  17x Ernie Shaw  1970 Ford Mustang  90   145     Running  
13   23  Larry Geiger  05 Larry Geiger  1971 Mercury  89   125     Running  
14  17  Gene Payne  35 Payne Racing  1972 Chevrolet  88   115     Running  
15  30  Bobby Fleming  54 Bobby Fleming  1973 Chevrolet Camaro  87   100   Running 
16  26  Bob Thomas  4 Bob Thomas  1973 Chevrolet Camaro  84   100   Running 
17  16  David Boggs  57 R L Boggs  1970 Dodge  83   100     Running  
18  15  Wayne Andrews  97 Jack St Clair  1970 Ford Mustang  58   110   Overheat 
19   25  Eddie Yarboro  13 Rumple Furniture  1972 AMC Hornet  43   100   Oil Leak 
20     7   Kenny Reiter  88 Atherton Inc  1972 Chevrolet  40   100   Rear End 
21   2  Don Wilbur  27 Wilbur Racing  1972 Chevrolet  37   110   Ignition 
22   5  Darrell Waltrip  37 Clemens Racing  1973 AMC Javelin  36   105   Engine 
23  12  Jim Tobin  10 Jim Tobin  1973 Dodge  24  100  Overheat  
24   20  Mike Lynn  12 Lynn Racing  1972 Chevrolet  23  120  Track Bar 
25   29  Dean Dalton  51 Strong Racing  1970 Dodge  16   100   Rear End 
26     6  Charlie Glotzbach  6 G.W. Pierce Auto Parts  1973 Plymouth  12   100   Brake 
27   18  Dave Kulmer  2 Tipton Racing  1973 Chevrolet Camaro  11   125  Engine
28   24  Tom Culbertson  83 Tom Culbertson  1971 Ford  7  125  Clutch
29   19   LaMarr Marshall  81 Bob Hook Chevy  1972 Chevrolet Camaro    2   100    Engine  
30   27  Jerry Hufflin  37x

Kent Cothran

 1973 Chevrolet Camaro    1   115    Engine  

Time of race: 00:38:53
Average Speed: 77.151 MPH
Fastest Qualifier: Bruce Gould 1971 Ford 92.402 MPH (19.48 seconds)
1 caution for 9 laps
Race Purse: $ 7,015


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